Eduard Navarro


Rondalla (plucked stringed folk instruments) and double reed wind instruments (dulzainas and cornamusas)

  • Rondalla (plucked stringed folk instruments) and double reed wind instruments (dulzainas and cornamusas)
  • Traditional plucked strings. Basically those that make up the popular rondalla. Bandurrias, Laudes, Guitarras, Guitarrones, etc. With the possibility of adding singing and small percussion (tambourines, castanets). The main variants of traditional dances, jotas, seguidillas, fandangos, boleros, etc. will be worked on. With special attention to the base of the bureo as a formula of the area with the linked variants seguidilla-jota-fandango, a popular form in the inland area of the regions of Castellón. Working on the basis of instrumental ensemble.
  • Traditional winds. Mainly of double reed, such as dulzainas in their different variants, tarotas, bagpipes, cornamusas, etc. We will work on traditional repertoire from different geographical areas (areas of the Iberian Peninsula and other latitudes where instruments of similar morphology currently exist) and historical repertoire, mainly medieval, as a logical application for these instruments which are still very popular today and which are represented in a very considerable quantity in medieval iconography. Working on an instrumental ensemble basis. 

Influenced by traditional music, during his childhood and from a very early age, he studied lute and mandolin with different popular rondallas, violin at the Professional Conservatory of Valencia and dulzaina. Self-taught in many wind and string instruments, he has a long career as a dulzaina teacher. Initially he collaborated with various groups dedicated to the restoration and recovery of traditional Valencian music. Subsequently, he created and collaborated with folk, traditional, ethnic and historical music groups, where, in addition to being a musician, he was in charge of musical arrangements. He has recorded more than 40 albums and toured more than 16 countries. Some of the groups he collaborates with are L’ham de foc, Mara Aranda y Solatge, Miquel Gil, Capella de Ministrers, Al Tall, Apa, Ensemble Pelegrí, Sephardic Legacy or Krama. He is currently a teacher of traditional dulzaina in the Escola La Unió de Llíria, in the Escola de Dolçaina, Tabal i Cant d’Estil de Paterna, director of the Colla Gatzara of this same school, as well as teacher of traditional plucked string in the rondalla of the Manises dance group and teacher of bagpipes and tarota in Paterna and the Escola de Música Tradicional de Muro.