Toni Aparisi


Dance / Dynamic / Body Expression

Workshop aimed at all audiences interested in dance and early music.  

Perhaps one of the first manifestations of human beings as such when it came to communicating with their fellow human beings was body language. And always in a binomial that has remained united until today, accompanied by music. Our body as an instrument capable of generating a composition of emotions and states to reach others. In this workshop we will explore all these codes, which we sometimes unintentionally launch in moments of tension. Like when we have to go on stage and we are prey to tension or nerves. We will learn to “say” what we really want with our body language. And something no less important. To feel even more, if possible, the music we play. 

He studied drama at the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático y Danza de Valencia (E.S.A.D) and dance at the Valencian schools of Amparo Bayarri, Amparo Benimeli and the European Dance Centre, later completing his training by working with choreographers of the stature of Gerard Collins, Olga Poliakof, Francesc Bravo, Gracel Meneu, Vicente Sáez, Carolyn Carson, Santiago Sempere and Rosángeles Valls. Among his numerous awards, he has received the Max Award for best dancer 2007, the Abril Award for best dancer 2006 and 2007, 7 nominations for the MAX awards for the performing arts and 5 nominations for the Premis de Les Arts Escèniques Valencianes de la Generalitat Valenciana, First Prize in the IV Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid with the piece Trapping que es gerundio, as well as a scholarship for best dancer at the Merce Cunningham School. In his professional career as a dancer, it is worth mentioning his participation in productions for companies such as Novadanza (dir. Gerard Collins), Vianants, Vaganovos, Santiago Sempere or Vicente Sáez, as well as video-dance with Gerard Collins. In 1998 he joined the company Ananda Dansa, first as a dancer and then as a choreographer, and participated in productions such as The Wizard of Oz (Max Award for best children’s show); Peter Pan (Max Award for best children’s show) and Alma (National Dance Award 2006). He is the founder of his company “Toni Aparisi – Ausades” where he creates, directs, choreographs and performs. Toni Aparisi is also a recognised teacher of contemporary dance and yoga. His current creations combine dance with other artistic disciplines.