Pino de Vittorio Toni Aparisi

Pino de Vittorio, voice
Toni Aparisi, dance
Robert Cases, theorbo and lute
Il mondo delle done (The World of Women)

Wednesday, 26 July 2023.
22:30 Theater


Since time immemorial, there has always been a debate about the idea that every man has a feminine side. Whether in its external version (costumes and characterizations as in the “morescas”) or in something more internal, emotional, and neural. Using popular, Renaissance, and Baroque music, we aim to explore those situations where women had to fight to make their own decisions, to take control of their lives. Thus, we propose a tragicomic journey that showcases this infinite universe through music, theater, and dance. Through these three disciplines, we will recreate this struggle that transcends to this day, a struggle that we share from our “feminine side.”


Lu picuraru. Canto pastorale. Trad. Puglia

Tarantella di Sannicandro. Trad. Puglia

Attaccati li tricci. Trad. Basilicata

Pizzicarella mia. Trad. Puglia

O lucia. Moresca. An. XVI sec.

Jácara.Gaspar Sanz

Preludio. Gaspar Sanz

Canto d’amore “ Li funtanelle”. Trad. Puglia

Passacaglia G.G. Kapsberger

Procesione alla Vergine. Trad. Campania