Pau Ballester


Percussion/ Performative workshop for sound creation and experimentation

Approach to ancient music from a contemporary perspective.

Aimed at percussionists, musicians in general and people interested in sound arts and early music, wanting to live a unique musical experience where through pulse, rhythm and sound creation they will work on the creation of a concert-performance that will take place within the activities of the Morella Early Music Festival and whose objectives can be summarized as: the practice of pulse and rhythm as generators of music, the knowledge of the basic techniques of traditional percussion applied to early music, the development of the ability to generate and deploy their own musical ideas, the knowledge of the basic resources applied to the music of the X-XVII centuries and finally, the practice of musical improvisation and the understanding of the term art/life, stimulating and encouraging individual and collective creation.

Participants will bring any type of instrument, either percussion or from other families, as well as sound objects.

Percussion Professor. Professor at the Torrent Conservatory, he combines his artistic activity with two groups of maximum relevance in the music scene: AMORES Grup de Percussió, of which he is the founder (1989) and Capella de Ministrers, of which he has been a member since 1989. AMORES, dedicated to contemporary Percussion music and the most avant-garde creation and Capella de Ministrers, dedicated to the recovery of ancient music. Two divergent facets in terms of musical temporality, but with experimental work and creation as a common premise. With both groups he has won numerous awards, has recorded more than 50 CDs and has performed on the most important stages around the world. Currently, his work in the field of experimentation and sound creation has led him to teach courses on this subject both in Europe and in America. Classically trained, he began his studies with Prof. Pascual Balaguer and at the Valencia Conservatory, with Prof. Manuel Tomás and Prof. Joan Cerveró, where he obtained extraordinary prizes in both middle and higher grades. He continued his studies at the Höchschule für Musik in Würzburg (Germany) with Prof. Siegfried Fink and later in Berlin, with Prof. Rainer Seegers.