Oriente & Occidente

Professors concert
Cantos a la mar (Songs to the Sea)

Tuesday, 25 July 2023.
19:30 St John Church


Delia Agúndez, soprano
Eduardo Egüez, vihuela
Aziz Samsaoui, kanun, sas, oud
Kaveh Sarvarian, nay, percussion

A program based on the relationship between East and West that has evolved throughout history, with cultural influences that have flowed in both directions. Among them, there is a long history of cultural and commercial exchange. However, the relationship between the two extends far beyond that. During the Middle Ages, the connection with the Muslim world and Islamic culture can be observed in European architecture, literature, and music. From the 16th century, as Europe began to explore and conquer the world, they brought their cultures and customs to the regions they conquered, which had a profound impact on the international musical landscape.

Concert program

  • Tradicional sefardí: “Ea, judíos, a enfardelar”
  • Improvisación sobre la Jácara
  • Anónimo: “No hay que decirle el primor”
  • Tradicional andalusí: “La mabada”
  • T. Merula: “Canzonetta spirituale sopra alla nanna” (Improvisación).
  • Improvisación con tombak
  • Anónimo: “Vuelve barquilla”
  • Tradicional sefardí: “Los caminos de Sirkigí”
  • G. Sanz: Canarios
  • Tradicional persa: “Meykhane”
  • Improvisación con oud
  • Tradicional sefardí: “Cuando el Rey Nimrod”