La dansa de la mort

Final Course Concert
La dansa de la mort (The Dance of Death)
Conductor: Carles Magraner

Thursday, 27 July 2023
19:30 St Francis Convent

Free admission until seating is full


This concert, conducted by Carles Magraner, is a festive, grand, and choral celebration featuring Gregorian chant, polyphony, percussion, and the participation of the Gaiteros de Morella. It serves as the closing event of the festival and involves both the teachers and students of the course. “La Dansa de la Mort” draws inspiration from the idea that in the face of death, we are all equal. In the Chapter Hall of the Convent of Sant Francesc, there is a 15th-century painting of great historical value depicting various social classes dancing around death. This painting serves as the central theme for the celebration of this course and festival in Morella.