Kaveh Sarvarian


Persian Rythm and Music

The intensive course on Persian music is an open space to learn the basics of modes, rhythms, ornamentations and different forms of the Iranian music repertoire in a theoretical-practical way. In this workshop we discuss 12 “radif” scales, 5 rhythmic forms, 7 main instruments of Persian classical music and we discover the essential relationship between poetry and Persian music. We practise some rhythms, modes and at the end we learn some ancient songs together with our own instruments. 

Musician and composer. Master of Composition, Tehran University of Arts. During his long career he has performed and taught in different countries. In Iran he was a member of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra (flute), the Rastak Ensemble (folk wind instruments), Naima Jazz Fusion Group (flute, ney, tombak). He also teaches at the University of Tehran, in the Department of Music and Composition. Based in Madrid, he has formed and directed the group Parsinava and the Kereshmeh project and also collaborates with and forms part of other groups, Darawish, Saher, and Capella de Ministrers. Carles Magraner (La Ruta de la Seda, and El Collar de la Paloma) and Eduardo Paniagua among others. He has several albums published in different styles, Parisan (Quartets for Ney), Persian Rug (Flute and piano duet), Avareh (Jazz fusion), Ofogh, Sonido del oriente (Persian music on a trip to Spain) and Kereshmeh (new perspective on Persian music). He is also the author of three didactic books, The Integral Method of Ney Teaching, Ornamentations of Persian Music and Tombak Method. Awarded Best Composer at the Fadjr International Festival and Best Soundtrack at the Iran National Media Festival.