Acadèmia CdM
Cancionero de Palacio

Acadèmia CdM
Cancionero de Palacio
Love and heartbreak in the Renaissance

Sunday, July 21
19:30 St. Francis Convent


Jenny Castro, Rita Morais: sopranos
Mario Corberán, Matías Álvarez Noisel: tenors
Antonio Sabuco: baritone
Sariah Miño, Marcelo Rubio: viols
Emiliano Pérez Flauta: cornetto
Luis Cortés: sackbut
Javier Caruda: bassoon
Miguel Alejandro Núñez: guitar
Elena Medina: theorbo
Lorenzo D’Erasmo: percussion

Carles Magraner: conductor
Joan Boronat: assistant conductor
Toni Aparisi: stage assistant

The “Cancionero Musical de Palacio,” from the early 16th century, is a true treasure. It contains at least 450 compositions compiled throughout the 15th and early 16th centuries in the court of the Catholic Monarchs. Most of them are attributed to Juan del Encina (1468-1530), despite the composer not having official relations with the court. Among the genres represented in the Cancionero, the villancico predominates alongside romances and estrambotes, popular songs that can address any aspect of daily life, with a marked preference for love or heartbreak.
The CdM 2024 Academy dedicates this compilation, which bears witness to an era through poetry and music, the most subtle means to communicate with future generations.