Pino de Vittorio


Neapolitan Singing / Stage performance. I canti e i suoni nella Napoli del Cinquecento 

This course will focus on the music of the Neapolitan Renaissance, villanella, moresca, tarantala, serenades, both court and popular. The woman will be the main theme of the pieces that we are going to work on, the beloved woman, the fickle woman, the cruel woman, the country woman, the “Madonna” woman. Group and individual music, gestures, interpretation of texts, singing and theater.

The actor and singer Pino de Vittorio (Leporano, Taranto) has a long and fruitful career in the musical field, especially in the field of baroque music and in the musical tradition of Puglia. He began his career as a popular artist with the music-theatrical company ‘Pupi e Fresedde’, which he founded in 1976, together with Angelo Savelli, with the aim of recovering the Pugliese tradition. With her he participated as protagonist and soloist in the musical works La Terra del Rimorso, Sulla via de San Michele, I balli di Sfessania, Festa in tempo di peste and La ballata dei 14 giorni di Masaniello. Later he joined the Italian musicologist and writer Roberto de Simone’s company ‘Nuova Compagnia di Canti Popolari’, where he played leading roles in his most important titles on tours of Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, England, Spain, Argentina and Brazil. In 1984 he appeared at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples with Crispino e la comare (by the Ricci brothers), Stabat Mater and Requiem in memory of Pier Paolo Passolini (both by Roberto de Simone). Within the Florentine Musical May he intervened in a modern adaptation of L’Orfeo de Monteverdi made by Luciano Berio. At the Naples International Week, he had a leading role in two works by Stravinsky: A Soldier’s Story, directed by Salvatore Accardo, and Pulcinella (produced by Máximo De Bernadt). He has also performed as a singer for the Accademia Chigiana in Siena and in other prestigious concert halls. Pino de Vittorio is, as well as a soloist, one of the pillars of I Turchini, a vocal and instrumental group with which, along with Antonio Florio, he has delved into the Neapolitan Renaissance and Baroque repertoire and has toured extensively in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Austria, Germany, USA, Japan and Mexico. He is also a soloist in the groups Media Aetas, Fuggilotio and Ensemble Accordone. He has published numerous albums with I Turchini and, solo, he has recorded two in which he extols the music of Puglia, Le Tarantelle del Gargajo and Tarantelle del rimorso. For some years he has collaborated with Carles Magraner and Capella de Ministrers with whom he has given concerts, courses, and recently the premiere of the CD “Mediterrania” a sea of ​​music.

Robert cases

ROBERT CASES, correpetitor. Robert Cases is specialized in the interpretation of historical plucked string instruments, from the Middle Ages to the present day. His work as a solo musician, as well as an accompanist, has led him to the main venues on the international scene and to make more than twenty recordings, one of which, Quattrocento, was awarded the ICMA Awards in 2018 together with Capella de Ministrers. Thanks to his versatility as an interpreter, he was awarded a scholarship by the Spanish Guitar Foundation to recover the 10-string guitar that the maestro Narciso Yepes brought to its maximum expression. He is currently part of the Valencian group Capella de Ministrers, after having collaborated with groups such as the Nederlandse Bachvereniging, Vespres d’Arnadí, Nereydas, Música Trobada or Victoria Musicae, among others.