Early Music Morella 2021

X Early Music Morella

From 16-22 July 2021

Each year Early Music Morella programs are structured around specific themes designed to stimulate new attitudes that bring us closer to the music of the past. Since the Council of Ephesus settled a Marian issue for the first time in 431, a devotion to the Virgin Mary was promoted in the Byzantine sphere that would end up making her the most revered woman in the Abrahamic religions. The 10th edition of the Festival and the Early Music Morella Academy will cover everything from the first Marian antiphons, sequences or hymns to the Cantigas de Santa María, the central axis of this edition as a celebration of the VIII Centenary of the birth of Alfonso X The Wise (1221-2021). and the Holy Jacobean year 2021. The Marian repertoire also allows us to introduce ourselves to the music of the great authors of the Renaissance. Among them are the motets or masses of Dufay, Obrecht, Ockeguem, Josquin, Gabrielli, Lasso, Guerrero, Palestrina or Victoria, among many other genres and authors who dedicated their music to the Virgin.

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