EMM Choir
Marco García de Paz

Concert of the choir singing and conducting students of Early Music Morella.
Devotion to Our Lady

Wednesday, 26 July 2023
19:30 St John Church

Free admission until seating is full


The devotion to Our Lady is an ancient tradition that extends to our present day. This Marian passion has inspired great composers from all eras, especially important polyphonists, to dedicate their music to singing the figure of Mary. Therefore, we have deliberately planned a wide selection of masterpieces dedicated to this purpose. Obviously, the starting point could not be other than Renaissance Sacred Music with Latin text, where we have included samples of the most heartfelt music in praise of the Virgin, leading to the polychoral style that gives way to the new Baroque style.
These pieces offer a variety of sensations, ranging from lightness, intimacy, and mystical vision, to the adoration of the Christian community as a whole, in the form of a prayer, conveyed through solid and deeply rooted music.
There is no better occasion than this to delve into the feminine universe, especially with works by important female composers of this era.
Through these strokes of devoted love of unparalleled beauty, all of humanity, all peoples and nations, turn to the intercession of the Virgin Queen and Mother.

Marco García de Paz. Graduate in Violin and Chamber Music from the Superior Conservatory of Music of the Principality of Asturias, and in Conducting from the Superior Music Center of the Basque Country, currently works as a teacher at the Superior Conservatory of Music of the Principality of Asturias, where he teaches chamber music, choir, and conducting techniques. In addition to his role as an instrumentalist, he also has a solid choral training. He began his musical journey in the “Escolanía de Covadonga,” continued his studies at the “Schola Cantorum” of the Cathedral of León, and trained as a choral conductor in courses organized by the Basque Country Federation with maestro J. Duijck. He has furthered his studies in choral conducting with G. Baltés at the Superior Music Center of the Basque Country. Other key figures in his training include J. Busto and P. Phillips, among others. He is the founding director of the choir “El León de Oro” from Luanco, with which he has performed throughout Spain and abroad. He has twice been awarded the “Grand National Choral Singing Prize” in the 2003 and 2006 editions. He collaborates with renowned figures such as Peter Phillips and the “Tallis Scholars.” As a conductor, he received the award for best conductor at the XXVIII International Choral Competition “Prof. Georgi Dimitrov” held in Varna, Bulgaria in 2005, and at the IX “Internationale Koorwedstrijd van Vlaanderen” – Maasmechelen, Belgium in 2007.


Maddalena Casulana, c1544 – c1590
Selección de Madrigales

Morir non puo
O notte, o ciel
Cinta di fior’ un giorno
Per lei pos’ in o blio

Raffaella Aleotti (1575-1640)
Selección de Motetes

Vidi Speciosam (a5)
Miserere nobis (a5)
Audivi vocem (a5)

Francisco Guerrero (1528 – 1599)
Sanctíssima María
Sancta et inmaculata

Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)
Vidi Speciosam (a6)
Gaude Maria Virgo (a5)
Regina coeli (a5)
Salve Regina (a8)

Coro EMM23
Marco Antonio García de Paz

Pablo Antonio Fernández, Celia Lara, Juan Manuel Campos, Inmaculada Doblado, Maria Rosselló, Miguel López, Darío Tagarro, Lydia Sánchez, Carlota Iglesias, Violeta Rubio, Jesús Fernando Torres, Asur Camacho, Miriam Serrano, Rafael García.
Instruments: Carolina Egüez, Sabina Colonna-Preti, Rafael Arjona, Pablo Romero, Marina Cabello, Cristobal Navarro & Marc Sansalvador