Capella de Ministrers
Carles Magraner
Cants de la terra

Capella de Ministrers
Carles Magraner

Cants de la terra
Els orígens i la identitat

Friday, July 19
22:30 St. Francis Convent
Candelight Concert


Laia Blasco, voice
Carles Magraner, viola da gamba
David Antich, recorder
Juan Perfecto Osca, double bass
Eduard Navarro, bagpipes, xeremia, bandurria, oud, and duduk
Robert Cases, harp, guitar, theorbo
Miguel Ángel Orero, percussion

Capella de Ministrers will delve, through a historical interpretation, into the world of folk songs, ballads, sung stories, popular dances, and others that have been part of recent history, both from a cultured and popular perspective. Preserving these traditions fosters solidarity and a sense of identity, celebrating the history and traditions of a people. The pieces also explore the hidden paths of musical transmission in a time when orality and writing had not yet separated their paths for several centuries. With its melodies, dances, ballads, and instruments, it has had a significant social impact, being a model of cultural diversity, a tool for cohesion, and generating a sense of belonging and pride.