Adolfo Falces


Medieval writing desk (22 and 23 July)


– Get to know the late medieval monastic desk

– Know what materials were used to make a musical manuscript in the 14th century

– Know the notation and configuration of a folio as the score of a hymn book or miscellaneous texts

– See the process of creating illuminated illustrations and historiated capitularies in late-medieval codices

– Know the monastic proto-Gothic calligraphy of the times of Libre Vermell


– Make a page of a folio inspired by one of the ten pages of anonymous musical scores of Libre Vermell

– Practice proto-Gothic calligraphy for its application to the realization of the musical page of Libre Vermell

– Make capitulary captions and some illuminated illustration in the elaboration of said score

– For all this, the use of the materials closest to the authentic ones will be sought, and the technical and material processes closest to those used during the Late Middle Ages in the desks will be followed.


Production on sulfated paper or parchment of a page inspired by the Libre Vermell, using the techniques and materials closest to those used for its production in the 14th century.


Between ten and twelve participants (adults) maximum

Adolfo Falces Delgado. Secondary school teacher, art historian, visual artist (painter and sculptor) and expert in wall arts and graphic and book arts (engraving and printing).